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Laundry Bluo (150ml)


LAXO Laundry Bluo (150ml)

Whitening effect: LAXO Laundry bluo liquid enhances the whiteness of clothes, giving them a bright and fresh appearance.

Long-lasting effect: The whitening effect of laundry bluo liquid lasts for a long time, ensuring that clothes maintain their brightness for several washes.

Easy to use: Laundry bluo liquid is easy to use. Simply add a few drops to the final rinse cycle of your washing machine, and your clothes will come out brighter and fresher.

Suitable for different fabrics: Laundry bluo liquid is suitable for use on cotton, linen, and synthetic fabrics that are colorfast.

Multipurpose: Laundry bluo liquid can also be used as a cleaning agent for tiles, floors, and bathrooms, as well as a dye for fabrics.


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