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Pet Guardian Spotless | (850ml)


Gentle pet bathing chemical. Cleans and refreshes fur while being safe for pets. Leaves a pleasant scent and promotes healthy coat.

Gentle Formulation: LAXO Pet Guardian chemical is designed with mild ingredients to ensure it is gentle on the pet’s skin and coat. It is formulated to maintain the natural pH balance of the pet’s skin.

Effective Cleaning: This chemicals effectively remove dirt, grime, and odor from the pet’s fur, leaving them clean and fresh.

Moisturizing and Conditioning: LAXO Pet Guardian chemical contain moisturizing and conditioning agents that help keep the pet’s coat hydrated, soft, and shiny. They can help reduce dryness and promote a healthy coat.

Hypoallergenic Formulas: LAXO pet guardian chemical is specifically designed for pets with sensitive skin or allergies. They are free from harsh ingredients that may cause irritation or allergic reactions.

Tear-Free Formulation: LAXO pet guardian chemical is formulated to be tear-free, reducing the likelihood of irritation if the product accidentally comes into contact with the pet’s eyes.


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