Laxo International is a renowned cleaning firm that provides household, industrial, and commercial cleaning services. Our objective at Laxo International is simple: to do everything we can to contribute to safe, secure, and ethical environments throughout the region, whether in your family home or at your workplace. To that end, all of our employees are vetted and trained following international norms and standards, and all of our services are designed with the environment in mind – not only for you and those around you but also for future generations. Hence, whether you are a home, industrial, or commercial use, please contact one of our consultants and enable us to build a plan suited to your needs. There is no space, use, or concept too big or too small for Laxo International, therefore we look forward to hearing from you!


Our “LI Guarantee” backs up our services. This means we guarantee your complete satisfaction! If you are ever displeased with a service area, simply notify us within 24 hours and we will re-clean it at no additional cost.


Our purpose at Laxo International is simple: to provide a sustainable and ethical service devoted to achieving the highest standards of cleaning. We want to be the top provider of eco-friendly cleaning services to the residential, industrial, and commercial sectors

Career Opportunities

If the smell and sparkle of a clean house make you happy, housekeeping employment could be a good fit for you. It is a career that offers immediate gratification for a job well done as well as the joy of providing a beautifully clean and healthy atmosphere for your customers.


Woodward, Kathryn Doxey

Laxo International is a fantastic cleaning company. When I finally arrived home after a long day, our house was immaculate and smelt fantastic. I had never had my house cleaned before, but these people made it seem like a dream. When I got home, I was astounded at how clean everything was. The entire procedure was really simple, and they were quite helpful when I needed it. Excellent value!

Staples, Roxanne

We're in our third year with Laxo International cleaning services, and I've had nothing but amazing service, professionalism, courtesy (of my time and my property), and punctuality. I trust them whether I am present or not. This company is highly recommended for household cleaning.

Myrick, Katie

Hiring Laxo International Cleaning was the best personal investment I've ever made. The staff is amazing, and being able to come home to a clean house is a blessing.

Sam Richard

Laxo International cleaning services have greatly reduced my workload. It's a lifesaver for the price and quality. They are always on time and prepared to work. My assigned cleaner now knows my preferences and the flow of my house after the first month. Another wonderful feature of their service is that all of their staff are subjected to background checks, giving you peace of mind if you are comfortable giving out your house key/code. If you are not at home, the house will be cleaned while you are gone. Coming home to a fresh and clean house usually puts me in a good mood!

Gomez, Peggy Butt

I enjoy returning home to a tidy house. I don't have to stress about finding time to clean myself. The Laxo International Cleaning Service is fantastic!

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